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The Toddler Learning Store on line shop, educational toys and games and quality beds, clothes and furniture for toddlers and under 5s
Astra Constructions provides professional, versatile, insurance-backed property maintenance services and supports the Playgroup registration scheme.  It will donate �25 when a job is confirmed.  Link to their website or phone 01452 611456

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To ensure that your children cannot access an external link by mistake, please type GATEWAY into the text box and press submit.

Also, don't forget to email us if you hire one of our external suppliers so that you can nominate the toddler group you want to receive the Fundraising Percentage!

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We are pleased that our fundraising scheme is not limited to retailers.

A number of service providers have joined our scheme and this site includes links to their sites.

If you use our service providers email us to let us know which playgroup etc you wish to support.

We are also supported by advertisers who do not make a donation but who help us to maintain this site.







If you are a provider of services and want to help us support this site and our fundraising efforts by providing additional services to our visitors or directly to playgroups or clubs then please get in touch.