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The Toddler Learning Store launches on October 4th with a fabulous catalogue of quality toys and goods for toddlers and their older siblings.

To make sales on this site all you need to be is a provider of quality goods and merchandise or a provider of quality services.

All you need to do is to sign our Seller Contract and agree to participate in our Fundraising Scheme.

When a shopper checks out with a basket of goods, the shopper is making an offer to buy the goods, often from more than one seller. The shopper's payment is treated as received on account.

We notify you that a sale has been made. You email the shopper to accept the sale and make delivery arrangements. You copy us on that email and we send you the funds so that you can make delivery. From that moment on, all communications are between you and the Shopper.

If you cannot accept the offer - perhaps you are out of stock - you email the shopper and copy the email to us. We then refund the Shopper's payment.

How does it actually work?

The Latest Retailers to join us:

Service Providers

If you provide services and not goods, we provide a link to your site. If you enter into a contract with the Shopper, you pay the commission due to us and your contribution to the Fundraising Scheme.

The Shopper emails us to tell us which group to pay the funds to.

What is the Fundraising Scheme?

It is the essence of this site and its uniqueness that every time a purchase is made, the retailer sets aside a sum that is paid to a playgroup, school or nursery nominated by the Shopper.

We administer the scheme on your behalf so it is effortless but it means that toddler groups around the country can promote this site as part of their fundraising activities confident that for every penny spent by their supporters, friends and family, the group benefits.

I already have an online store

To administer the scheme and run this site, we charge a commission on the retail sales price, net of VAT.

The commission rate varies by seller to accommodate different business dynamics and different profit margins on different product lines. Call us for a frank and sympathetic discussion.

We only earn if we make sales and there are no set up costs.

The contribution to the fundraising scheme varies from around 5% - 10% but may be less for service providers.

You can just advertise if you wish. Simply contact us to discuss rates.

What does it cost?

It doesn't matter. This store runs alongside your other commercial activities. You are simply increasing your exposure and your volume of sales.

As we grow, we will have the support of toddler groups around the country, and of their families, friends and supporters. By joining us you will be helping them to continue to provide a first class early learning service and the resouces we are providing on this site.


Supporting a Playgroup is easy

Any playgroup, nursery, creche, toddler group, child minder or infant school in the UK may register with us. We are also happy to register after school clubs and sports clubs.

To receive funds from us, all the group has to do is to register and then to tell everyone they know about us.



To Join Us:

All you need to do is email us:

We will be happy to answer any questions.

There is a link on the left of this page to the following documents:

  • The Seller Contract between retailers and The Toddler Learning Store

  • The standard terms of sale that govern the relationship between our Retailers and Shoppers

  • The Fundraising Scheme Rules

Email or call us on (01452) 864213. We are looking forward to working with you.