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PATA supporting childcare

The Toddler Learning Store is endorsed by PATA UK

Information for Child Care Providers and Infant Schools

What is the Toddler Learning Store?

The Toddler Learning Store provides an educational environment for the under 5s in which they can watch videos, play games and learn new skills on line.

It also provides a unique fundraising opportunity for all age groups - whether you are a playgroup or nursery or an afterschool or sports and activity club. The resouces on line are aimed at the under 5s but the fundraising and the store are intended to benefit children of all ages.

About the Early Learning Resources on this Site

Our site is a place in which toddlers can develop their skills in a safe environment. Or you can download our resources to use them in your group setting or at home.

Because they provide computer-based skills they are also ideal for infant schools.

How much does it cost to use the resources on the site?

The Toddler Learning Store is free to use. It is a free educational resource available for parents and carers at home and to playgroups, nurseries, creches, child minders and infant schools - in fact for anyone interested or involved in the education of the very young.

You are all invited to take full advantage of what we have to offer. You may use any of the materials on this site - apart from our logos - for your own private non-commercial use and it will not cost you anything.

What is the Share Centre?

Our on-line videos and online games for toddlers and the under 5s and the downloadable educational materials in our Share Centre are all free.

If you have materials you would like to share with us and with our online community we would love to receive them from you and we will upload and add them to our resources.

Simply visit the Share Centre to see what we have available now and how to get in touch with us to send us new submissions.

Please send us what you want to share. We are relying on you to help us build a library of resources for everyone's benefit and even though groups outside of the UK cannot join our fundraisng scheme yet, they can still benefit from our resources.

How is the site financed?

To fund our venture we have enlisted the aid of a number of retail sellers who have agreed to help us administer a unique way of financing this site and at the same time to raise funds for your benefit. With their assistance, our resources will grow and the more that you participate in the share centre, the more we will have to offer in return.

The Toddler Learning Store creates a partnership between the website, the retailers who are financing us though our shop window, parents, carers and schools, child minders and clubs.

What is the Fundraising Scheme?

Our Playgroup Fund Raising Scheme allows all registered member groups to increase their funds by receiving a percentage of all sales made on our website. The funds are donated by the retailer sellers on this site and eveytime someone makes a purchase they tell us exactly which group they want to nominate to receive the funds.

Who can join the Fundraising Scheme?

Any toddler group (whether a playgroup, nursery, crèche) and any school, after-school group or club in the United Kingdom can become a registered member. Sports clubs may also join the scheme. All this necessary is that any funds raised are used exclusively for the under 18s.

The children you care for may be older than the resources available on this site but do not let that stop you from joining the fundraising scheme.

There are no limitations on what the money raised may be used for. You receive the cash. You choose how to spend it.

We hope to extend the Scheme to other areas soon and in the meantime you are invited to use our online and downloadable resources even if you are not in the United Kingdom.

Go the The Fundraising Scheme page to see how it will work for you.

Why do you not have a forum?

We do not have a forum on this site. We will shortly, however, launch pages on Twitter and Facebook. It is important that we have complete control on what appears on this site because we need to keep it safe for children. Please join us at the other sites to share information and views and to join our online community.

Comments And Correspondence

Our contact details for all comments or correspondence can be found on the Contact Us page