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PATA supporting childcare

The Toddler Learning Store is endorsed by PATA UK

Our Fundraising Scheme

Although this site has loads of resources for the under 5s, we are interested in the welfare of kids of all ages. So our retailers have extended their donations to cover all groups and clubs in the United Kingdom offering activities to kids as well as to playgroups, nurseries, creches and toddler groups. You may also register if you are a charity supporting kids and families.

This site and the fundraising scheme is funded by us and by the retail sellers in our online shop. Everytime someone buys an item on this website our retailers will pay a share of their profits to the playgroup, club or charity nominated by the purchaser as a donation. We administer the scheme on their behalf.

Every purchaser can nominate a specific playgroup, club, charity etc. If that club is registered with us then that group receives the funds. Each playgroup, club and chairty has to be registered with us otherwise we do not know where to send the funds.

If the group is not registered with us then the funds go to a Central Fund which we adminster.

There is nothing that you need to do in return for these donations except register and you only need to register because we need to be able to make a payment and properly identify which club or group or charity a purchaser wishes to benefit. However, if you want to mazimise your earnings from the fundraising scheme we are happy to help you promote your membership. The more your supporters and parents buy from our store, the more funds you will raise.

How the Scheme Works

An authorised member of the toddler group, charity or club completes the registration form on the website. This registration automatically qualifies that establishment to participate in and receive monies generated through the fundraising..

A teacher, parent or supporter may also register a group, club or charity temporarily so that they can benefit from any purchases made that day. In that case, we will write to the group or email them to confirm that they are happy to be a member. This enables someone making a purchase for the first time to allocate the funds to the toddler group or club or charity of their choice even if they have not yet registered.  If the group does not want to be registered we will pay the funds to them and remove their registration.

When a purchase is made directly through the website a portion of the money collected (we call it "the Donation ") is set aside by the retail seller and paid to registered members of the fundraising scheme as described below. 

The Toddler Learning Store does not make any sales. The website is merely a show case for the sellers who have signed up to use it. The Donation may vary from item to item and from time to time and the amount is that which is agreed from time to time between The Toddler Learning Store and the companies making sales via the site. The Donation is inclusive of VAT if applicable.

Where the initial purchase is made directly through the website we will endeavour to ensure that the Donation will go to the charity, school or club etc of the purchaser’s choice, provided that the school or club etc is a member. Where the charity, group or club is not a member, or the purchase is made without the purchaser expressing a choice or where the purchase is made through a third party i.e. via a link on the website to another site, the Donation on that sale will go into a Central Fund which will be distributed to registered members at our discretion to help fund particular projects for which help has been requested. If the purchaser expresses a choice but we are unable for any reason to reconcile the information we have relating to the payment made and the choice of group, we will make a payment to the Central Fund.

We have kept administration as simple as possible but ask that one person within the school appoint themselves as our contact person and to whom we will then address all official correspondence. Our contact person need not be a teacher or an official. It could be a parent or someone else. We will not send you junk mail.

Who can join the Fundraising Scheme?

Any toddler group (whether a playgroup, nursery, crèche) and any school, after-school group or club and any charity serving children or families in the United Kingdom can become a registered member. Sports clubs may also join the scheme. All this necessary is that any funds raised are used exclusively for the under 18s.

The children you care for may be older than the resources available on this site but do not let that stop you from joining the fundraising scheme.

There are no limitations on what the money raised may be used for. You receive the cash. You choose how to spend it.

We hope to extend the fundriaisng to other areas soon and in the meantime you are invited to use our online and downloadable resources even if you are not in the United Kingdom.

If you are not sure if you can register or not email us and we will get right back to you.

What do Parents and Carers and Supporters of your Group have to do?

All that we will need parents and carers or friends and supporters of your group to do is to come back to this site after they have made a purchase and tell us which group they support. This only takes a moment and is even quicker the second time or if they know the registration number for their group. If they do not know the registration number they may search our list of members. Unlike some schemes, they do not have to register with us.

When you sign up as a group we put your name in our list of registered members so that anyone wishing to support you can quickly check to see if you are registered or not and find out what your number is. We only display the postcode and not the contact details.

If someone already knows your email address and is having problems registering a new group because someone else is using the same email, they can find out who so that they can alert us to a problem. They do not have access to any other information, of course.

Maximising Your Earnings

If you wish, you may promote the fundraising scheme and this site with your parents, carers and supporters but you do not have to. If you do want to because you think you will increase your funding by having as many people as possible know about the on-line shop and the the fundraising scheme, you can promote it in a number of ways - for example by mail outs and leaflets, at coffee mornings or parent evenings, or with posters. If you do choose to promote your membership of the fundraising scheme you may use our logo and information from this site and there are sample notices, posters and leaflets in the Share Centre.

Special Purchases Opportunities and Seasonal Gifts:

Our relationship with our suppliers will enable us from time to time to arrange special purchases. Details will be advertised on the site and sent to you if you want to hear from us about them. The purpose of these arrangements is to help you arrange any special purchases you might wish to make for a special occasion or to restock. For example, the purchase of special-occasion or seasonal gifts or to restock your library or stationery or toy cupboards.

Special Projects :

If you would like help with a special project from our Central Fund then just send us an email to and we will consider your request alongside others which we receive. Which projects are chosen will be at our discretion. Details of the projects we are supporting will be announced from time to time on the website. If your project is not successful first time around, there is no reason why you should not try again after a few months. Just let us know you have tried before so that we can look it up.

Getting Paid:

The amount donated with each sale will be displayed in the Shop alongside the information about each of our retailer's products. We will calculate what is due to each registered member every month and will make a payment within fourteen days of the end of the month by cheque.  If it appears that your earnings are falling below what other groups are earning, we will contact you to see how we can help you raise more funds by taking better advantage of the fundraising scheme. We will not account to you for any funds that may still be subject to a charge back by the purchaser. The sums we are collecting are not trust funds and are not held by us on trust pending payment. They are a contractual obligation, which we will discharge in accordance with the terms of the Fundraising Scheme.

Withdrawing From The Scheme

Your group may withdraw from the Fundraising Scheme at any time. All you need to do is to email us or write to us to let us know that you no longer wish to receive donations from the site or any materials from us. Joining the Scheme involves no financial commitment and no undertaking from you to do anything or provide any services.  

How to Register

To register all the club or group has to do is to complete the on-line registration form

Changes to the Rules

We may want to change the rules of the Scheme from time to time and we will do so at our discretion but we will advise you of any changes either by email or by posting them on this website so it is important that you keep yourself informed by visiting these pages regularly.  At no time will the rules of the Scheme involve your playgroup, school, club or nursery in any financial commitment. The Scheme Rules are not a contract for the benefit any third party.

School and Clubs Membership Pages

We will shortly be opening special pages for members with information, help, advice and support. All you will need to do is to use your membership User Name and Password to log in.

Comments And Correspondence

Our contact details for all comments or correspondence can be found on the Contact Us page

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