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The video and the sound don't play:

To run the videos and play the sound you will need to enable Add Ons:

You may receive a POP UP box that asks you if you want to run add ons. If so, then to play the videos and the sound, you must say "yes". If you say, "yes, always play add ons from this site", you will always be able to watch the videos and hear the sound without having to repeat this step. If you say, just for this once, you will need to do it everytime.

If you do not receive a POP UP box asking you, then look for the yellow strip at the top of your browser:

Click on the yellow strip and the POP UP BOX will appear.

Click, RUN or say YES to allow the video and sound to play.

The Paint Zone pages don't open properly or we can't do anything on the paint pages:

To use the paint zone, you need to have Java script installed on your computer. It comes automatically loaded in the latest versions of windows. If you haven't got it on your computer a POP UP box may appear:

If you click okay your computer will take you to the site to download a free copy.

If no POP UP box appears click on the following to be taken to a the java site to download a free copy: