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Safe Play

Although our Sellers make every effort to ensure that toys are safe it is still vital that children are using them properly and are playing safely with them.

To help you keep your children safe:

Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. They contain important information.

Make sure you buy toys that are right for the age of the child. Some of our Sellers have included age recommendations.

Small children like to put things in their mouth so avoid any toys that have small or detachable parts for the under 3s in particular.

Make sure older children keep their toys away from younger children.

Check that your child's toys have not become broken or damaged and if they have, throw them away. They may no longer be safe.

Make sure that your child always wears the appropriate protective safety equipment, for example helmets, knee and elbow pads.

Make sure that your children are properly supervised relative to the activity.

Have your children tidy up their toys. It will help them to avoid trips and falls.