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The Toddler Learning Store on line shop, educational toys and games and quality beds, clothes and furniture for toddlers and under 5s
Astra Constructions provides professional, versatile, insurance-backed property maintenance services and supports the Playgroup registration scheme.  It will donate ?5 when a job is confirmed.  Link to their website or phone 01452 611456









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Your Legal Questions Answered

Who are you buying from?

See our general Safety Advice

Nitroblaze Products include motorised ride ons. See their special conditions and advice.

The Toddler Learning Store launches on October 4th with a fabulous catalogue of quality toys and goods for your toddler and your toddler's brothers and sisters. Welcome to our site and we hope you will come back often.

When you make a purchase from the store you are actually making a purchase from one of our retailers, not from us. This means that they will deliver directly to you and you will be able to contact them directly if there is any kind of problem or any delay.

Each of our retailers has signed up to the terms and conditions of sale on this website which includes a 7 day satisfaction guarantee during which time you may cancel the goods for any reason. Please be aware that some goods need to be still in their original sealed packaging for this right to take affect.

Your statutory rights are not affected and you have a right to return the goods at any time if they are faulty or misdescribed. Simply contact the seller responsible via our Contact Us pages to find out what you must do.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:


External Links

We are pleased to be able to add that our fundraising scheme is not limited to retailers. A number of service providers have joined our scheme and this site includes links to their sites.

The terms and conditions under which they provide their services will be stated on their paperwork, not on this site.

If you chose to use our service providers do not forget to email us to let us know which playgroup etc you wish to support

How do I find the Seller's Name?

The Retail Seller's name appears under the picture of the goods that you have bought and should also be on the delivery note.

How do I contact a Retail Seller?

Contact details for all of our sellers are set out on our contacts page. Use the contact us link on the left of this page.

Where can I find the terms and conditions that apply to my purchase?

Use the link on the left or click for terms and conditions. Look in the catalogue listing for special terms for individual items especially items that have to be specially made or customised.


Supporting a Playgroup is easy

Any playgroup, nursery, creche, toddler group, child minder or infant school in the UK may register with us. We are also happy to register after school clubs and sports clubs.

To receive funds from us, all your group has to do is to register and then to tell everyone you know about us. If your friends and supporters buy from our retailers they will make a donation to your club. It is that simple.

IIf you register with us personally, you will only need to tell us once, which group you support. Or you can tell us eveytime. Either way you will not be getting any junk email!